Cover Letters

Career Management Services offers a Cover Letter Editing and Writing Service, built to suit your needs and make you stand out.

A great cover letter can help you stand out from the crowd and create a positive first impression. It can be your first point of contact with a prospective employer, hiring manager or recruiter. Especially in a competitive environment, cover letters for job applications can be the difference between making it onto a shortlist or not.

A well written, professional cover letter should not only provide a written introduction for your application, it should be engaging, convey your interest for the role you are applying for, and demonstrate your suitability. Tailored for each position, the covering letter should communicate your key experience specific to the role, how your experience will add value to the organisation and how your personal attributes would be the ideal fit for the culture.

Most importantly, an effective cover letter should progress your application to the next step…an interview, where you can impress them in person!

With Career Management Services professional cover letter writing service, our experienced consultants can remove the worry of “How do I write a cover letter?” Engage one of our consultants to write a customised cover letter for you that highlights your relevant skills and experience, and details the reasons why you are suitable for the position. We can tailor your cover letter for a specific job, or write a general cover letter for you that can be adjusted to suit different positions, and enable you to take a more targeted approach to cover letters for job applications.

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